The Pajama Jam

The Pajama Jam

pajamajam5The Pajama Jam was all anyone could talk about for a straight week. The malls in Raleigh were crawling with co-eds looking for just the right ensemble to impress at the party. Victoria’s Secret’s sales went through the roof. The choices people made were clear the night of the Pajama Jam. Some were choosing to be contrary and not wear pajamas—they were immediately sent away by a large muscular Alpha with black silk pajama bottoms and an Egyptian headdress molded to his head. All women were admitted whether their outfit was a flannel pajama set or an all too revealing lace number. Inside was a scene straight out of a movie. The Bear’s Den was too small and too hot to have a party in plus a DJ and his speakers. Tip and Taz wore cute silk short sets with matching robes. They decided to do the twin thing; one in green and one in blue. Sheridan wore a short floral nightie with a matching robe that was a little longer. They wanted to be sexy but not too easy. They had witnessed how fast a reputation could be ruined. It was an Indian Summer still in September but a little cool in the evenings. No one complained once they stepped into the Bear’s Den. The writhing bodies mixing with the latest Victoria Secret scent, pear glace, was making the air a sweet sweat. The hosts weren’t expecting as many people to show up for the Pajama Jam—they couldn’t have. The venue was already on the calendar and couldn’t be changed. No one knew the freshman class would be so large. The ladies were pulled in several directions and began dancing to the Go-Go beat. Curls and finger-waves were plastered on heads everywhere. Everyone was working the walls for the next few songs when the unthinkable happened: a fight erupted when two young women found themselves approaching the same young man. He chose his girlfriend, wisely he thought. Unfortunately the spurned young woman was not pleased and expressed her feelings by slapping them both. Someone held the young man back from retaliating but the women were left to their own devices until they were broken up by two other Alphas serving as security. Curly ponytails lay on the dance floor wet and shredded. The DJ was trying to help restore order so Atomic Dog was played. On cue, the Ques began to party hop in the confined space causing the crowd to elbow and shove themselves into tighter corners in order to give them room to show off their skills. Not to be outdone as the hosts of the party, the Alphas, started to party hop as well. They were cold as ice and everyone was impressed. It would be the introduction to what was coming next: Homecoming!

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