The Monsters

Monsters-are-real-QuoteThe Monsters. Was it all a dream? It was night. I was trying hard to catch my breath. I sat up too fast and my hand flew to my side. It was bandaged up. My whole torso was wrapped in bandages. My head hurt and I was trying to make sense of where I was. It was dark—night. My eyes started to adjust and my memory was coming back to me. God did it again. I had no idea why He decided to let me live but there I was. My mind settled down and I realized I was in a hospital bed but not in a hospital. I was still in prison. I looked in the corner and saw Lisette sitting there watching me.

“They moving you tonight, soon,” she said quietly.
“I was going to have a runner come get you,” I choked out.
“Trust me, I knew you was leaving before you did. Stop talking and listen. Conesha is not your problem. Don’t come back here chica. This ain’t your business. Don’t come back. Shut up,” she said when I tried to interrupt. “You ‘bout this life for real. You made yourself ‘bout this life. That’s psychotic to some people that you could adapt like that but you know we call it survival. Ma, I know you feel like this life is easier but it ain’t better for you. This life, inside or on the street, it leave fingerprints and bruises on your soul. Your soul start to stink and rot. You seen my mother and you see me. Use what you got man to save people like us. Me and Conesha we unnecessary monsters. But you, you can be a necessary monster. Keep it in check mami because if I didn’t know you, I woulda killed you. ‘Cause like I said you ‘bout this life and I ain’t ‘bout no competition. Comprende?” she stood as I nodded my understanding. She banged on the door for the guard.
“I’ll be watching you Isa. I got your back as long as you stay from on this side of the bars.”
“Wait, Lisette, is she dead?” I asked.
“Write me, but don’t come back here.”

This is a little preview to the new novel Unnecessary Monsters by A.E. Derban Fall 2015. See what else Isa has been up to.

For another taste:

For the beginning of Isa:

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