Summer Madness

NYSkylineSummer madness. Jokk had given me a night to remember. He wanted me to enjoy the night which I did. My mouth still had the lingering taste of the rich Ethiopian food; curry and turmeric spices of the stew; eating with our fingers…Jokk tasting my fingers…the plum wine was sweet and relaxed the unexpected nerves I was experiencing thinking about what would happen after dinner. The Wyndham New York hotel suite was extraordinary.  The room was decorated in an ultra modern motif. The color scheme was sage, sand, and silver. There were plush overstuffed sofa loveseat sets in the suite. The panel curtains were sheer white and the blackout drapes were a deep dark grey. The king sized bed demanded to be noticed but it was competing with the view from the ceiling to floor window. The view was remarkable from the top floor. I could see all of Times Square. Summer madness was running through my head. I thought I would return the favor and add to Jokk’s view. Jokk was seated in a large plush armchair that he pulled up to the wall sized window drinking a snifter of aged brandy. I walked over to the entertainment system and turned the radio dial to a station that would play something soft and romantic. Because everything was so perfect and just like out of a dream, the perfect song came on. As Prince sang, Come, closer now feel what you been dying for don’t be afraid baby touch it and explore… I slow danced my way toward Jokk and stopped just out of arms’ reach of him. Instead of sitting up in anticipation, he leaned back in admiration. I began to sensually unwrap the silk belt which held my dress in place, slowly allowed the dress to slide down to my high heeled feet. I stepped out of it and took one more step as I reached for the drink and finished it. He placed his hands behind his head. I planned on this being a summer night that he wouldn’t soon forget. Placing the empty glass on the carpeted floor, I rolled my body up and approached him just as Prince was saying Scandalous, I’m talking about you and me.

This is a little preview to the new novel Unnecessary Monsters by A.E. Derban Fall 2015. See what else Isa has been up to.

For another taste:

For the beginning of Isa:

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  1. Melanie Brinkley

    Wow intrigued..can’t wait9it’s done

  2. Beautiful suite! Bad Isa… LOL! Love it.


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