Rotten New York Apple

Rotten New York Apple

I’ve lived in the south for many years and I know for sure that I am not now and will never be a southern belle. I find it ironic that people think New Yorkers are so blunt and confrontational but people down south are the same way; they just think if they add a sweetie or a soft smile or southern accent it lessens the blow—it doesn’t. While everyone is entitled to their opinion do not forget that it works for the other person as well.  A man approached me yesterday and asked who did my hair. I replied the name of my stylist and he replied he didn’t like what my stylist had done. He quickly followed up by saying that he was a stylist and could do better and yadda yadda yadda. The Rotten New York Apple in me had a nastier reply but I squelched it and instead replied, “I don’t like how you approached me. Please tell your mother to try again to raise you with manners. Insults may have garnered you other clients but not me. And you should hope I forget your name.” I walked away finally understanding the southern phrase: bless his heart.

What have you said when someone gave you his/her unsolicited opinion?

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  1. LOL, I thought that only happened in NYC and specifically Harlem. I think I know his brother. There is a man on 145th Street in Harlem, NY who insults women all the time thinking it’s a good way to get him to do their hair. As I overhear his rude comments and once received it directly myself, I simply told him his business tactics were less than poor, which meant his performance was probably just as bad. I even went as far as speaking to the owner of the store and finally he got fired. What’s a girl to do?

    • Unbelievalbe! Some people refuse to think before speaking especially when promoting themselves. Thank you for chiming in. I wonder what other unconventional PR moves others have encountered?

  2. Ms. Derban,

    This post had me laughing out loud! As another transplant to the South (from California), I appreciate how you captured in words what I think almost every day that I leave my house 🙂

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