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by Even Angels Fly on AE Derban

It's definitely worth it. I enjoyed it. For me it bought back alot of memories.

by Yhetta on AE Derban
In Between the Cracks

In Between the Cracks provides an account of the stories of the main characters not portrayed in the novel Slipping On Concrete. It gives you an insight as to what else goes into shaping the characters outside of the main situation that contributes to the base of the novel. A.E. Derban allows you to delve deeper into their lives and those around them without losing the essence of being able to relate.

by Tijuana Wells on AE Derban
Waiting On Sequel

I started a fantastic book this morning, and finished reading it four hours later. Once I started reading "Slipping on Concrete", I could not put it down. I found myself reliving my past through the characters. As an educator thus book illustrates what children are bringing to the classroom. Some feel that all they have to do is learn, however thus book illuminates their daily struggles. A must read for educators who truely want to educate, and those looking for a phenomenal read!

by Toya Crichlow-Mack on AE Derban
Slipping On Concrete

We've all been there, the day you realize that the permanent fixtures
in your life are actually fragile, vulnerable relationships capable of
being compromised. This story chronicles such a situation, the
narrators speak from a deeply personal place. You feel it, the hurt,
the pride, the shared childhood excitement. Each character is her own
unique compilation of energy, fear, special talents and weaknesses.
Each person possesses character traits which at times cause the
personalities to collide. Yet they are so tightly connected that not
even life's "unthinkable" scenarios pose a threat to the integrity of
the bond. Or so you would think...

If you're looking for an easy read that keeps you guessing, this is
it. If the spark of nostalgia from a time of innocence and danger
entertains you this is the perfect story. The craftsmanship with
which the book is written takes the reader places. You feel the
emotion of each character, you visualize yourself a child in adult
situations, carefully navigating your way through life and the
tortured jungle that is New York City.

by P. Johnson on AE Derban
In Between the Cracks

A terrific collections of short stories....A.E. Derban brings passion and compassion, love and loss, faith and triumph, together with friendship and family, and does it so well.

by Pamela Chapman on AE Derban
Slipping on Concrete

A. E. Derban's characters are so realistic, the story line so true to life, and the rich dialogue makes you ask yourself has she been spying on my life?



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