Putting the Work In


Putting the work in is easier said than done. Ok so I’m one of the few, it feels like, who is still in love with traditional books. However, in order to be an author of this century, I’ve had to embrace technology. The step beyond that is the research that is involved with your dream—no matter what your dream may be. I have been reading and reading and reading. I am here to tell anyone with aspirations of writing that you still have to be a reader. I have yet to be bored. I have learned so much that I have actually taken notes about what I’ve read. It must be noted that I’m also a card carrying member of The Geeks or The Nerds; in other words I love learning, but I digress.

Back to the subject at hand—putting the work in.

I’m sure I may be preaching to the choir for veterans of the eBook trade but for those writers who are in my boat, I understand that it may seem overwhelming, but take your time. Each day dedicate some time to reading the different websites dedicated to eBook /book self-publishing and reviews. If you do it that way, it won’t appear so daunting a task and then you can make a rational decision about which eBook publishers would be the best vehicle(s) with which to share your dream.

I am still in the middle of my journey and anticipate many successes and some pitfalls but I am enjoying my journey. I have great people in my mastermind circle who are patient with my eccentric and sometimes illogical business tactics—thanks Jacqueline! I am a writer. So that means, I chronicle that which I believe to be noteworthy hence this blog topic. I don’t do anything half way and that includes honing every facet of my career. I choose to be nothing less than an amazing writer therefore that means putting the work in—period.

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  1. Putting in the work always yield great results so I look forward to see the fruit of your labor past the written word. As you can see that was only the beginning the real work comes in displaying it to the masses. Happy seeding.

    • Thank you for this. It’s important to have you and all the others in my circle continue to be positive and progressive in your own right; we inspire each other to be diligent in aspiring to what we believe to be our dreams and the way we want to live life.

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