Love is Too Weak to Define

Elephants1Love is too weak to define…This relationship is real. We’ve known each other for more than 20 years but only recently made it official. You’ve always been just there at my fingertips but so far beyond my reach. The journey to get to you has been an arduous one. There have been Tears of Joy but none for me. For me there have been ice storms and snow storms and lack of acknowledgement—you didn’t know my name. However, you had some really thorough people who encouraged me to hold fast, never lose faith; you were well worth the wait. Then you came to me when I wasn’t looking. I was busy working with my community and praying that the student who asked for my help and those who didn’t would take the hand that I offered. I wanted them to reach their great potential and love themselves and then learn to pay it forward—that was the only reward that I sought. You can’t imagine the overwhelming, unexpected trepidation that I felt when I said “yes”. Who knew that I could love you enough to share you with hundreds of thousands of other women—willingly, lovingly? You knew. So today, I give thanks to 22 special women who paved the way across the Sahara of time so that a grateful me can also say “thank you” when I hear “Happy Founders’ Day!” to the greatest of them all

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Love Always,

#41 Spring ’14

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