It’s About Your Approach Said Ms. Bank Teller


It’s about your approach Said Ms. Bank Teller to Mr. Polish the Surface.

Sir, I have no time or inclination to share my most inner thoughts

For they only spew poisonous needles; Acupuncture

I know what you want

Moisturize myself with porcelain; Create a permanent landscape with acrylics and

And cement my smile
And glue my eyes open
And fill my ears with space
And imagine my body a young waif
And stitch my tresses
And reveal my breasteses
And twirl girl
I’ll give you the world

Oh yeah
And don’t shine
And don’t climb
And don’t grow
And don’t show
No wait, them, show
And twirl girl
I’ll give you the world

Your offer is clearly saturated in psychosis
I must apologize for my earlier prognosis
I very much so want to share
What’s going on up in here
But alas I fear you won’t get it
My time is precious and those five minutes I can’t get back
You owe me an intelligent thought
When you evolve into that man
You’ll understand why polishing the surface is whack

It’s about your approach

Your account is negative, next

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