House Guests

House Guests

I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to house guests; I don’t allow people to visit beyond seven days and I don’t visit others beyond seven days. I have enjoyed the visitors I’ve had and I still have four more days to go. I suppose I’m blogging because one of my relatives asked me why such a short time? I explained that I have a life. I generally interrupt it where I can to accommodate my guests; I believe that is being a good host. I think however the question stemmed from the fact that I am single with no children; this I  will be blogging about soon when I can do it objectively. It is the ill-perceived notion that my life and time is for others to spend since I don’t have those immediate marital and/or familial responsibilities. I enjoy the peace of my home and my mind. Am I being too selfish?

How long is too long for a house guest to stay with you?

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  1. Anytime everything they do, including breathing makes your skin crawl or your upper lip curl in disgust, they’ve over stayed their welcome. It really depends on the host. Set parameters based on your threshold for sharing space.

    • You are 100% correct. Which is why my limit is 7 days and to be fair most of the people who visit me honor it because they have lives as well. Thanks Jess!

  2. A week max & for some that’s too long.

  3. Those who pull their weight can stay, men 1 day then I’m ready to kick them out, friends 3-4 day. The end.

  4. My rule is 3 days on house guest unless you’re one of my besties. I’m writing more to comment on the single, no kids aspect…you are so right!!! You are not being too selfish. It’s a choice we’ve made to be single non mommies at this point in our lifes. We’ve chosen to make our time OURS not someone else’s. I say this as someone who looks forward to marriage and children one day but until then let us enjoy our free time! 🙂 Look forward to your furture post on this.

    • Hi Cheyenne! Love that you’re dropping by and you have echoed my sentiments exactly! I most certainly will be writing about how married with children people treat single people…soon!

  5. You may be able to get 2 days out of me, maybe more if you can move around on your own. I am a mother and enjoy my alone time to the fullest.


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