Shaw U 150Homecoming. Every school swears their homecoming is better than any other college or university’s homecoming; I can dig it but there is no homecoming like a Shaw U homecoming. Homecoming is about the people and the ties that have bound them because they all attended the same university. The pride we feel for Shaw is due in part to the hard lessons that we learned; truly comprehending that life ain’t no crystal stair and why we wear the mask. We have loved and lost within our family. We have brought forth new generations and said goodbye far too soon. We have grown from people who thought we were prepared for the world into men and women who can meet the world on its own terms. We are educated scholars, athletes, professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, and of course graduates. Some have even been fortunate to cross those burning sands. We make no apologies or excuses for our school–we are transparent with the fact that we have miles to go before we sleep but it’s our journey so watch you say…we may be smaller in size but as I have to remind friends, family, and colleagues who may have decided to attend other institutions: Bears eat snakes, falcons, eagles…we ain’t never scared. We don’t stay down. We will however, embrace any brother or sister who needs a hand or love and open our arms to them the way Shaw U taught us…and if you feel so inclined to find out why our bonds have held fast for decades, why our institution stands 150 years strong, why it’s so difficult to infiltrate our ranks all you need do is show up at Homecoming. We can show you better than we can tell you.

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