Slipping on Concrete

Follow the journey of three friends who grow up in South Bronx, New York and learn life lessons through hilarious situations and sorrowful ones. Travel with them as they make decisions which shape them into the kinds of women who remind you of someone you know or someone you used to be.


No one ever taught me how to be a friend. I had friends: Isa, Kim, Jewel, and Billie. However, I didn’t know how to be a friend or what to expect from one. I was just going through the motions. If it was easier to go along with the crowd then that’s what I did. I wasn’t different from anybody else in the world, but sometimes I wish I was. It takes courage to be your own person and at twelve, I didn’t have one cup.


I don’t like being laughed at. How was I supposed to know they wasn’t laughing at me? I can’t read minds. Kim, Billie, and Jewel looking at me like I did something wrong but they ain’t gonna say nothing to me. Matter of fact nobody ever tells me when I’m wrong. I get away with a lot of stuff. I’m loud and mean and I like getting my way…I ain’t gonna change who I am for nobody.


I am not dumb. They laugh at me because I say the first thing that comes into my head. I think it’s fun; they never know what I’m going to say and neither do I. I thought I was funny…I saw my mother standing on the terrace. When she does that I know that I better get upstairs before she sends one of my brothers to look for me; I don’t need no help being embarrassed.

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