Authors Love Reading

Authors Love Reading

authors3Authors–Definitely Not Tinkerbell. I love reading! Authors, especially we IndieAuthors, very rarely have the time to read for pleasure but I found some time. I also stepped out of my comfort zone: James Patterson, Gregory McGuire, Walter Mosley, Dan Brown…just me and my dudes. I love mysteries and main characters with true depth. I love suspense and an antagonist who is truly a nemisis to his protagonist. I love the idea that there are other worlds that just within our reach like the tv show Fringe. These authors grip me everytime I walk into a bookstore and lie to myself thinking I’ll just buy one book. Recently Janet Evanovich has written her way into my reading cycle. I enjoyed reading about her quirky magnet for trouble: Stephanie Plum and the gymnastics she pulls to get out of trouble each time. Evanovich opened the door to an author new to me: Jennifer McMahon. Now again, she may be a household name to others but brand spanking new to me. I love a good mystery, a page turner and her novel Don’t Breathe a Word delivered. The tale McMahon wove between the fairy world and the real world was so startling the characters and plot haunted me…calling my name whenever I was forced to put it down. It’s been a while since I’ve been taken for such a ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m looking forward to McMahon’s Promise Not to Tell. If you’ve ever wondered about the existence of fairies or if we’re really the only beings on earth, I strongly suggest you read Don’t Breathe a Word—it’s no Tinkerbell.

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