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AE DerbanAbout the Author

As a native New Yorker A.E. Derban never runs short of story plots due to the plethora of people who sustain life in the ever evolving mecca. This author endeavors to chronicle the life of people who are on the outskirts of life—people who deal with real issues of family, friends, sexuality, religion, and relationships. Reflective of real life, some stories do not have a happy ending but they all have an ending.

Growing up in New York City’s South Bronx provided multicultural experiences for this author. She learned to speak broken Spanish, Patois, Yiddish, Italian, English, and of course slang. It was the collision and unlikely melding of these cultures which shaped the imagination of this scribe. To be a youth in New York City in the 80’s and 90’s was to be one who bore witness to the advent of hip hop, the exposure of dance, drama, and music of Broadway, the art and sciences of the world’s greatest museums, and the fashionistas and athletes who shocked the world because they came from her neighborhood; it was also a time for her to chronicle some of the more tenuous times in history when these elements separated like oil and water. Friends and family members alike who lost their battle with addiction, crime, violence, and life itself impacts the perspective of this writer. She aspires to capture the moments in time, evoke emotions from her readers, and inspire them to make their voices heard through her characters.

A.E. Derban also pulls inspiration from her students in the public school system and college arena where she educates them about the principles of English, writing, literature, and life. They in turn serve as characters which she can observe in their natural habitat—allowing her to be a social archeologist.

As an eternal griot and life-long student, A.E. Derban unfolds the stories which need to be told from a perspective of honesty; she endeavors to be the voice of the Black writer who recognizes that African Americans speak different dialects and truths masked as English. Her goal is to communicate with other African Americans and the world through fictional genres that a new movement in literature is emerging—let’s all be amazing!