118 E. South St.: Upper Classmen

Box1ShawUmenUpper Classmen. Please know that there is nothing like beautiful Black men. Who knew that upper classmen would look like male models? They sat there in front of the student union without a care in the world representing every city and country that came to mind. Sheridan, Tip, and Taz started making their own personal claims to these Upper Classmen; unbeknownst to them, they would also be making a few enemies. As usual, freshmen girls often forget that Upper Classmen also include other females. To be fair, it was kind of difficult to remember the females when the male upper classmen smiled at them seductively or whispered in their ears that they were beautiful as they passed by and the girlfriends would be only a few steps away. The freshmen girls were attracted more to the danger and secrecy of the male Upper Classmen attention than understanding the ripple effects that it would have. These male Upper Classmen were self-assured. They didn’t try too hard…some didn’t try at all and women would surround them. But man, were they sexy and gorgeous and when they gave that friendly hug the freshman girl’s breath would catch as he held on a little too tight. The male Upper Classmen created an appearance of being honest but the dorm fights, the tears, the late night creeps off campus, and the next-day-walk-of-shame in the same outfit from the night before riddled holes in that false transparency. They motivated the freshmen girls to tip out of the dorm at 8am in high heels on their way to class or sneak into the male dorm dressed like a dude. The spell that was cast was intoxicating. The sweetest thing was like a kiss on the collar bone across the bridge…fingertips at the small of their backs during the movie in the Bear’s Den. This goes out to all the Upper Classmen men present during 1992. If the freshmen girls had known then what they did when they graduated perhaps the allure wouldn’t have been so strong, maybe nothing would have changed. But Sheridan, Tip, and Taz were getting ready to enter a different playing field with real drug dealers, stick up kids, and most dangerous of all those damn Greeks…

Next Episode: http://www.aederban.com/118-e-south-st-those-damned-greeks/

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