118 E. South St.: Those Damned Greeks

Those Damned Greeks

school daze3“They call me Raul…,” he said with a deep voice and a kiss on her hand. The two friends who were with him smirked; they’d seen many women swoon over their friend’s act. The two friends who were with the young girl rolled their eyes; they knew a line when they heard it. But those damned Greeks were self- assured, upper classmen, and the majority of them lived off campus. They were like local celebrities to those who understood about Greek life. However, Tip, Taz, and Sheridan grew up in the North where Black Greeks were not as prevalent at the time or simply unknown to them. They had no idea that some of them enjoyed the pedestal they were put on and used it to their advantage. Other Greeks were humbled to be members of their organizations and took it seriously and not as a marketing tool. And then there were those Greeks who used their membership as a means to block—take it for what it’s worth. Raul would not be the one who got their friend Pauline—she too was an upperclassman. It would be Sy. He was a part of a fraternity that had gold as a secondary color. Sy was nearly six feet and super model gorgeous. Pauline was in love with him and so were Shanay, Mika, Brandy, Lisa….the list went on but Pauline stuck in there. She would be the champion. Pauline was smart and pretty and crazy. She could be seen on any given day by everyone on the yard, brawling with some female in the dorm hallway. In the café there was an immediate misunderstanding when she caught some freshman sitting on her man’s lap. Around this time Tip, Taz, and Sheridan put space between them and Pauline. Her craziness intensified. Pauline slashed Sy’s tires, broke his windshield, kicked in his front door and tried to fight him anywhere and at any time she felt disrespected including his fraternity’s plot. Pauline finally hit rock bottom when she wanted something more than Sy: she wanted to pledge. Her sorority of choice did not admit her. She had more than enough time to sit and think about what contributed to their decision but more importantly how she allowed herself to fall so far; she would forever be connected to Sy thanks to the baby growing inside of her. Sy married a girl from the same sorority Pauline wanted to be a part of. She left school before Homecoming. She would forever think those damned Greeks with bitterness in her heart.

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