118 E. South St.: Roses

Valentine's Day 3Roses. Roses were everywhere and everyone had somebody. Dee was liked by everyone and had a couple of girlfriends at Shaw but   not one that he was really serious about. Valentine’s Day reminded him of that and this year it fell on a Friday so the entire campus looked like Hallmark threw up on it. Balloons and stuffed teddy bears of all sizes were floating around the campus. The Student Government Association was raking in the dough for their fundraiser by selling bears with balloon and candy chocolate attachments. The Kappas were handing out single roses to every lady who passed by. College students could barely afford to eat but if a guy wanted to keep his girl he had better have something in his hands. It could get even worse if the girlfriend had an entourage of friends who would constantly remind him to get on his game or roll their eyes at his lack of enthusiasm or planning. Dee was sitting this year out. He wasn’t spending money he didn’t have on someone who wasn’t worth it. He was heading into the student union from the back entrance when he heard a scream. The girl was screaming to be left alone and then the unmistakable sound of her wail after being slapped. When Dee rounded the corner, he saw a guy beating up a girl. Even though his mind was yelling at him to mind his business, he couldn’t help but move in the direction. There were actually people looking out of the union window at the young woman in distress as if they were watching a show. Without a second thought Dee intervened. Dee slammed the guy against the wall and the young woman was able to get away. Campus police arrived just in time to break up the fight between him and the guy—lucky for the guy. The young woman smartly reported her attacker—ex-boyfriend. It didn’t take long before the campus was buzzing with the scandal and laying the blame at the feet of the young woman and not the popular attacker. Tammy returned to campus to a less than receptive greeting in the girls’ dorm. Someone called her name from the TV area. She was ready for a fight, but saw Dee headed her way.PurpleRoses

“Thank you for your help today,” said Tammy.
“No thanks needed,” said Dee. Tammy tried to hide her blackened eye with her hair and Dee stopped her. He pulled two roses from behind his back and handed it to her.
“You’re still as pretty as this flower. Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said with a smile.   “It is now,” she said smiling back through tears.

Next Episode: Homecoming

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