118 E. South St.: Raleigh 1992

Longlines     118 E. South St.: Raleigh 1992 Sheridan didn’t know that the sun could ever be as hot as it was that August day. She quickly understood, standing in the long-ass financial aid line, that Raleigh heat was closer to the center of hell than Harlem. Sweat trickled down her back as she tried to pretend a breeze was flowing over her; it was Jack blowing the back of her head. He played too much. He was in her SDC group and their friendship was weird. Jack was from Jersey. He was average looking but his sleepy eyes induced by weed, lean body, and beautiful smile drew women like flies. It got on her nerves. It was too hot for him to be that close. They were finally four people away from making it into the Victorian styled building which housed the registrar, cashier, and financial aid offices of their beloved HBCU. She could feel snatches of the A.C. whenever someone exited. She was about to go insane with the need to be inside when a security guard exited and locked the doors. He explained that it was lunch time and that everyone would have to come back at 2:00 pm. It was 11:30 am. “This is some bullshit!” Keisha was another girl from their SDC group straight out of Brooklyn. Other people complained too but her voice was the loudest. Sheridan pulled on Keisha and Jack and aimed them toward the McDonalds up the block. Ice cream cones would cool them off. They never made it.  The university was equipped with transportation vans which drove students to and from campus to the various off-campus housing. One of the van drivers, also an upper classman, Poppa screeched the van over. He signaled for them to hop on and join the elite group of passengers already assembled. Sheridan had only been in Raleigh three days and already knew it was going to be one of those days. Fifteen minutes later when Raleigh’s finest pulled them over it was confirmed that the six people in that van would be friends for life. Related Article: 118-e-south-st-1992-anxiety

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