118 E. South St.: Kamikazees

118 E. South St.: Kamikazees

clubsceneKamikazees was a two story death trap; one way in and one way out. However it was the hottest club in Raleigh. Nestled in the middle of Western Blvd and NC State territory, Kamikazees welcomed anyone with a pretty face or cash to dance and drink til one dropped or was dropped in a fight or dropped out of the front door by bouncers. The DJ wasn’t as good as Kool Sheed but it wasn’t hard to play popular music to make people jump. Keisha, Sheridan, and Poppa worked through the crowd to the bar while Jack, Tip, and Taz went the opposite direction toward the dance floor. Sheridan, the youngest, of the crew, seventeen sipped her rum and coke slowly. Getting drunk would mean using the bathroom and at midnight the line was already long. Keisha and Poppa were laughing with the Brag Brothers—local celebrities in the club promotion business. Keisha and Poppa worked angles always open for new business opportunities.

People from other universities were in the club but Shaw ran the scene. So when the melodic beginnings of Follow Me circulated through the club it was almost a war cry for Shaw students who rushed the dance floor. Jack, Tip, and Taz created room in a circle when Sheridan joined them. Jersey and New York were joined by Chicagoans in a soul clap and a sing along to the club classic. Back breaking movements-giving it up, stolen cars, and bodies making the whole club rock on hydraulics set the atmosphere into a fevered frenzy as a litany of club songs entranced everyone.

They burst into the night air, after last call for alcohol, to beat the rush to IHOP. The alcohol had been burned off dancing. Grits and cheese eggs were necessary to refuel before heading back to Tara East where they would also spend the night because the dorms and campus were locked down. Kamikazees required the complete disregard of Shaw’s midnight curfew.

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  1. Teresa Parker

    Sooo many Kamikazee memories. I also remember eating at Miami Subs after the club and packing 6 or 7 people in a taxi to get back to Shaw campus and trying to sneek past Ms. Mayo & Ms. Knight. They heard us every time…they just let us go.

  2. Miami Sub’s Fries afterwards! Mmmmmmm


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