118 E. South St.: I Wanna Rock

118 E. South St.: I Wanna Rock

house party“Poppa where are we?” Tip asked.

“This is Tara East. This is where Shaw put some us when housing in the dorms filled up. Everybody out.”

The crew exited the van, what choice did they have? Poppa had been riding them all around Raleigh running errands for his supervisor Dean Lewes. No one minded and for the freshmen it was as exciting as Raleigh was going to get on a Thursday night…any night. An hour prior, Poppa dropped them off so they could shower and change for the club. The music could be heard from the parking lot: Let me see you shake them things, drop down low and doo doo brown! I wanna rock, I wanna rock, I wanna rock…then the beat dropped. When they walked into the apartment smoke filled the hallway and pulled them in. Within seconds red Solo cups appeared in their hands and moments later they were all in the middle of the living room floor following Uncle Luke’s directions.

For the freshmen it was nirvana. They all hailed from metropolitan areas and a random party of that magnitude was like being at home. The only person they recognized was Poppa. It was clear that they had been inducted to some society of Shaw students that other freshmen weren’t privy to; they could easily see all walks of life from the conscience of the Motherland to fans of the Hip Hop nation. The party had picked up in number, heated up in body movement, and slowed down in rhythm as all tried to show how mad, mad and wicked in de bed they were up against any wall. Tip, Taz, and Sheridan were using walls and the shoulders of sexy upper classmen for leverage as they were winding down.

“Last song til after the club. It’s Kool Sheed putting new flava in ya ear!”

Everyone groaned for one more song, but Poppa was already rounding up the crew.

“I got room for two more if you wanna ride to Kamikazees,” Poppa hollered over the crowd.

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  1. Ruth Charlene Davis– Very Entertaining read!!! – this is my 1st time seeing this link *runs back to scour page for more, More, MORE!!! – STAY BLESSED!!!

  2. Kenyatta L. Bigger– I Love It!

  3. Thank you Kenyatta. I know you love the music.


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