118 E. South St.: Rearview Mirror Anxiety

118 E. South St.:Rearview Mirror Anxiety

LonglinesPoppa saw Raleigh’s highway patrol in his rearview mirror maybe three cars behind. He slouched lower in his seat and switched lanes. They switched lanes. Tip tapped her twin Taz, alerting her to Poppa’s behavior. She was seated in the row behind him. Tip slid down in her seat to the floor and unbuckled Poppa’s seatbelt. She winked at her twin, turned up the music, and arms of all the passengers began flailing in the air blocking the direct view into the van. While the van was still moving, Poppa raised his slim frame off the seat while Tip slid underneath him and accepted the transfer of driving power. The seatbelt was replaced just as the flashing lights signaled for the stop.

“License and registration,” said the angry cop. Tip smirked at him and handed him the items. Within minutes he was back. “Take it easy young lady. Your party van could tip over. Where are you headed?”  With a straight faced Tip replied, “Church.”

“On a Thursday?” his deep country accent made Tip wince.

“Choir rehearsal.” He gave the items back, giving his best southern cop scowl, and returned to his vehicle.

“What the hell Tip? What you and Poppa got us mixed up in now?” asked Taz her anxiety evident.

“Maaaaan, my license been expired and trust me when I tell you I wasn’t going to jail today. I’m way too sexy for county lock-up.  Good looking out Tip,” Poppa said. Taz shook her head as the rest of van erupted in laughter. What else could go wrong?


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